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The region of North Karnataka has long been the epitome of art, culture and architecture. To commemorate this quality the KLE Tech ( Formerly BVBCET) established a comprehensive degree course in Architecture in 1983.Our B.Arch programme aims to create sensitive and responsible architects to tackle the challenges of the profession and society. To augment this effort a highly skilled and proficient faculty continuously endeavours to foster skills, nurture talent, thereby ensuring that the College produces architects of high calibre.

The goal of this department is to make sure that its graduates contribute their intellectual prowess to bring a qualitative change in the environment and enhance the beauty and grandeur of our civilization.  An elaborate library with reference books, journals and other informative materials stimulates and helps students.

Students are exposed to competitions, extracurricular activities both at regional and national levels where they have performed with top honours. A students association called ‘Ankur’ conducts a variety of activities and is responsible for an interactive alumni network that is spread all over the world.

Study tours practical training, site visits, NASA participation are all part of the planned curriculum that exposes students to concepts, aesthetic values, perceptions etc. To inculcate and nurture the creative aspirations of students, a construction yard, terracotta workshop have been established… Lectures / seminars / workshops are conducted by the expert professionals from all over India and abroad.

SOA at KLE Tech (Formerly BVBCET) has long tradition of excellence with our alumni practicing in many countries across the globe.

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