TEAM VEGADOOTH RACING from B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology participated in SAE India SUPRA competition and secured 4th position in their debut year among 124 teams at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida during 3rd to 9th July, 2016. An interdisciplinary team of 21 students from BVB Motorsports Club participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA 2016. It is an engineering contest organised by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India and Maruti Suzuki India, the emphasis being mainly on the applied techniques, technologies, teamwork and performance. The task of the participating teams is to design and build a formula one styled racing car, and race it against the other competing teams. The vehicle was built and assembled in Learning Factory premises of School of Mechanical Engineering in the institute.

KLE Tech-BVBCET Bags 4th Place on Debut

Note: Tilt Test image. The vehicle was tilted to 60 degrees to check for leaks and vehicle stability.

This event provides a real world engineering challenge for the students that reflect the steps involved in the entire process from design development, building prototype, and production to marketing and endurance confirming to well laid down criteria.

The event consisted basically of two sub events: Static and Dynamic. Static consisted of various rounds like Design Presentation, Cost Presentation, Technical Inspection, Marketing Presentation, Tilt test, Noise Test and Driver Egress Test. The Dynamic events consisted of Brake Test, Acceleration, Auto cross and Skidpad. The last day of the event had the Endurance round, where in the vehicles are required to perform continuously for 6 laps, each lap being 5.14km long.

The team consists of Captain - B Ravikiran Murthy, Vice captain - Tejas Das, Naveen Patil, Venkatraman Raju, Mahadev Hansda,Vinita Gathani, Sindhoor Hegde, Bhushan Ganiger, Somnath Vartak, Naveenkumar H P, Shreenath , Shravan S Siddhling, Sujay S K, Yash Mayur Dand, Virendra Singh Devara, Adil C P, Shiv Kanavi, Kiran Hiremath, Rajat Nadgir, Bansanagouda N and Shubham Dixit.

The team was guided by Prof. Aditya M Deshpande, Dr. Saroja V Siddamal and Mr. Veerappa S Lohar.

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