BVB-KLE Tech. student team ‘BVB Superstars’, comprising of students from Department of Automobile, Automation & Robotics, Instrumentation and Electronics, and Electronics and Communication, Engineering have won the “Ultra Golf Kart Championship (UGKC) - 2016”.

The event challenges the students to conceive, design, fabricate and develop golfkart powered by battery, breaking the traditional way and thinking out of the box. The event was organized by M.M. University, Ambala, (Haryana) from 3rd March to 5th March’ 2016. The BVB-KLE Tech, team ‘BVB Superstars’ competed against several teams in the virtual round and was shortlisted one among the top 23 teams for the dynamic round, including various top institutions from all over India.

In the final round competition held at M.M. University, Ambala, (Haryana), team ‘BVB Superstars’, was declared “Overall Champion’s in UGKC-2016”

The student team was guided by Mr. Nagaraj Ekabote and Mr. Veerappa Lohar. The student team are Ankit kumar, Ankit kumar sharma, Vinayak pujari, R.N. Vedraj, Ragunandan Pai, Varun Dev, Manish Chavan, Akshay Awaradi, Aditya Kumar Das, Ashrita Pawadi, Somangouda, Rashmi Singh, Ravi  V Hadli, Shivangouda B G, Rayii Galgali, Gourav Kumar, and Deepak kumar. The vehicle was fabricated and assembled by students in ‘Learning Factory’ of School of Mechanical Engineering of BVB –KLE Tech.

KLE Tech - BVB Wins “Ultra Golf Kart Championship (UGKC) – 2016”

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