Centre for Material Science (CMS)

Advanced research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Centre for Material Science mainly caters to research and development activities in Composites, Nano-materials, Nano-composites for various engineering applications like structural, energy, Biotechnology and agricultural sectors. The centre has several funded projects and state-of-the artfacilities to carry out innovative research in material science and product development.

About CMS

The Centre for Material Science (CMS) at KLE technological university was established in April 2014 to foster advanced, interdisciplinary research in the areas of nano-materials and nano-composites for various engineering applications. The centre has several on-going government funded projects and state-of-the art facilities to carry out innovative research in material science. Micro-Nano Fabrication Facility (CMS-MNF2) was initiated in April 2017 which houses a Class 10,000 clean room dedicated for nano-fabrication activities. With five core research groups, the centre engages in providing an early research experience for undergraduates (REU), M.Tech and Ph.D candidates to promote interest in the field of research and product development.

Our Vision

The Material Science Cluster will be recognized for education, research and consultancy in composites and nano-materials by industries, peers at academic institutions and will be a source of research expertise, technical innovation, collaborative and product development.

Centre Goals

  • To develop research facilities for synthesis, characterization and development of composites/nanocomposites for engineering applications.
  • To foster capacity building of researchers and promote collaborative programs.
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary and applied research with a focus on innovative product development.

Research Area

  • Nano-composites and coatings for structural and automotive applications
  • Nano Materials: synthesis, characterization and applications such as gas sensors, humidity sensors, flex sensors, biological (antimicrobial, antifungal, anticancer etc.) and agricultural applications
  • Membranes for fuel cell, biogas upgradation and pervaporation applications
  • Biochemical Sensors using III-nitride nanostructures
  • Development of biodegradable material for industry and medical applications

Patents filed

  • Polymer nanocomposites coating for tribological application (2182/CHE/2015)
  • Synthesis of nanocoolant containing Molybdenum di sulphide (MOS2) nanoparticles (201641034226)
  • Potash alum Reinforced polymer nanocomposites for structural application (201614002919)
  • Ceramic membranes for exhaust gas treatment (201641034227)
  • Nanoceramic coating for cement composite (201641034228)
  • Effect of Granite dust on mechanical properties of Cement and sand mortar (201641035851)

Funded Projects

  • IDEA2POC-Startup Grant from GOK (Rs. 25 Lakhs)- April 2017, “Economical production ecofriendly bioplastic for packaging segment”, PI: Dr. Jayachandra S. Y.
  • UAS, Dharwad (Rs. 4 Lakhs)- 2017-18, “Development of membrane filter technology for ethanol purification for fuel”, PI: Dr. A. M. Sajjan, Dr .N .R. Banapurmath and Dr. Geeta Shirnalli (UAS Dharwad).
  • UAS, Dharwad 2nd Phase (Rs. 10 Lakhs)- 2016-17, “Development of membrane filter technology for increasing heat efficiency of biogas for power generation”, PI: Dr .N .R. Banapurmath, Dr. A. M. Sajjan and Dr. Geeta Shirnalli (UAS Dharwad).
  • UAS, Dharwad 1st Phase(14.55 Lakhs)- 2015-16, “Development of membrane filter technology for increasing heat efficiency of biogas for power generation”, PI: Dr .N .R. Banapurmath and Dr. A. M. Sajjan.
  • VGST, KFIST-Level II, Bangalore (40.0 Lakhs)- 2013-17, “Synthesis and Characterization of group III- nitride nanostructure based FET for bio- chemical sensing applications”, PI: Dr.N .R. Banapurmath.
  • VGST, KFIST-Level II, Bangalore (40.0 Lakhs)- 2016-17, “Development of Novel Nano-composite hybrid polymer membranes for pervaporation separation of water from industrial waste organic solvents”, PI: Dr. Ashok M Sajjan

Equipment’s/facilities available at CMS

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • PVD-Thermal evaporation unit
  • Hall effect measurement system
  • Probe sonicator
  • Spin coater
  • Wear & Friction monitor Model-20LE Ducom Instruments
  • 8” Double Disc Variable Speed (Chennai Metco)
  • General Purpose Grinder (Chennai Metco)
  • Trinocular Vertical Metallurgical Microscope
  • Chemical Fume
  • Pervaporation Set up
  • Keithley 6517B High Resistance Electrometer



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