Course Code: KLELC 002B

This course is designed to examine from a comparative perspective –legal structure and concepts that are found in Constitutions across the world, percepts such as basic rights, rule of law, systems of governance, judicial review, to name a few.

Comparative Constitutional Law course is intended to make students familiar with the constitutional systems of a few countries, in particular the constitution of United States of America and few other emerging constitutions along with the Indian Constitution. Students will be benefitted from deeper understanding of the doctrines and values underlying the provisions and principles from various constitutional systems.

  • Module 1

    Nature of the Constitution and Constitutional Law: Comparison of Unitary Status with federal structures.

  • Module 2

    The genesis of Constitution al law, Rules of Natural Justice etc. in the Common law jurisdictions .From Lord justice Coke’s pronouncements to current times.

  • Module 3

    Emerging Trends in Constitutionalism.

  • Module 4

    Judicial Review – India and USA

  • Module 5

    The Rule of Law in the context of Globalization.