About Department

The department of Chemistry has an extensive practice of providing quality learning experience to meet the undergraduate education requirements of all Engineering Schools across the university and its many disciplines.

The course is reviewed regularly to meet the needs of all Engineering branches and hence support the learning of students with stronger basics. The experienced and dedicated faculties make continuous and conscious efforts to make the course more relevant and effective in providing the platform needed for better learning.

Department also has a research laboratory where students can satisfy their urge to learn by carrying out research under the guidance of our faculty. Department offers Research Experience at Under-graduation level for B.Tech students as well as it offers PhD program.

Vision of the Department

To be one of the best Departments among all Engineering Colleges by achieving the highest order of excellence in Teaching and Research.

Mission of the Department

  • To establish a proper and through bridge-up in understanding the vital needs of Chemistry in Engineering and Technology.
  • To inculcate the fundamental concepts of Chemistry that is relevant in the applications of Engineering and Technological aspects.
  • To provide qualitative and quantitative education in Engineering Chemistry so as to enable the students to acquire higher grades in the examination.
  • To extend an excellent guidance for the higher semester students in their project works wherever the application of Chemistry is being felt and needed.
  • To establish an inter-disciplinary activities amongst the Engineering departments in research consultancy and industrial training programs.


Sl. No.Research Area
Research Field
Research Topic
1Coordination Complexes
Metal based drugs
Synthesis and Physico-chemical studies of metal complexes
Dr. V. C. Havanur
2Polymer Materials
Polymer membranes: Separation, battery and fuel cell applications
Development and characterization of Membranes for separation, battery and fuel cell applications
Dr. A. M. Sajjan
3Polymer Composites
Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Characterization of Bio Composites
Dr. S. Dhanalakshmi
Dr. P. Rama Devi

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