Robot Makers Hub

Robot Makes Hub was started by the students of the department of Automation & Robotics in the year 2014. The objective of the hub was to impart knowledge in robots and automation to the 1st, 2ndand 3rdyear students of KLE Tech. The knowledge will be shared by conducting workshops in the area of robot building, modeling, simulation, programming, software development, PCB design, among others. Further, the workshops are conducted by the students of 3rdand 4thyear.

ABU Robocon is an international robot competition held annually with different theme/problem each year. Each country nominates one participant to ABU Robocon. Hence, the member from Robot Makers Hub form a team to participate in national Robocon completion, which is held in Pune in the beginning of March every year. The winner of national Robocon will participate in the international Robocon completion. Last year, the team from Robot Makers Hub was placed in super league (i.e., ranking less than 24) out of 108 participating team.

The membership to Robot Makers Hub is open to any students from KLE Tech submitting an application form. The activities of the hub are carried out after class hours. Interested students can obtain information by sending an email to