Funded Projects

Sl. No. Title Funding agency Amount in Rupees
01 Sorghum Cellulose Ethanol Production VGST-TRIP 40,000/-
02 Microbial Degradation of pesticides VGST 30,000/-
03 Economic production of bacterial cellulose VGST 30,000/-
04 Phytochemical Screening & Evaluation of Phytochemicals VGST 30,000/-
05 Bio-processing of Food Industrial Waste for Xylanase Production using Solid State Fermentation KSCST 5000/-
06 Project titled Design of Solid State Fermentation for Socio-Economic Utilization of Solid Waste for Production of Valuable Product” KSCST 5000/-
07 Economic Utilization of fruits waste for Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticle and the
Study of its Antibacterial Activity” with
KSCST 6000/-
08 Study On Production and Characterization of Lipase Immobilized Magnetic Micro Particles For Economic Biodiesel (Awarded third prize) Motorola- FAER 5000/-
19 Development of Process for Production and Purification of Natural Pigment from Microorganism and its Application in Food for Enhanced Properties (Awarded first prize) Motorola- FAER 5000/-