Adequate and well equipped laboratories

Biochemistry Lab: HPLC, Thermostatic water bath, Digital Photo Colorimeter, Orbital shaker, Laminar Air Flow

Bioprocess Engineering Lab: Fermenter, Cooling centrifuge, Ultra sonicator homogenizer, Electronic orbital shaker, Rotary Evaporator, Tangential flow filtration systems, Ultra filtration, and UV-Visible spectrophotometer

Cell & Molecular Lab: Thermo cycler, Gel Documentation system, Centrifuge, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Deep freezer.

Microbiology Lab: Freeze dryer, Phase Contrast Microscope, Laminar air flow, Orbital Shaker, ,  Binocular Microscope

Unit Operation Lab: Mixed flow reactor, Plug flow reactor Vertical condenser, Heat transfer in packed bed, Wetted wall column, tray drier, Stokes law apparatus, Leaf filter.

Process Control Lab: Temperature Control Trainer, Interacting & Non-Interacting Systems, Pressure Control Trainer, Flow Control Trainer, Temperature control trainer, Temperature Measurement, Air compressor

Bioinformatics Lab: Bioinformatics lab is equipped with computational facilities with complete UPS backup for all computers. Open source software/servers are used to conduct regular laboratory

Plant Tissue Culture Lab: Photoperiod controlled Tissue culture rack