The Department of Biotechnology is engaged in research activity focused around bioprocess technology and its related applications. The Department has well-equipped laboratory infrastructure, expertise and supporting system to facilitate research activities. The Department has received funds for several student projects and competitions (Motorola Scholar Programme, KSCST, VGST, etc.)

Sl. No.Research AreaResearch FieldResearch TopicFaculty
01Bioprocess Development1. Enzyme Technology
2. Biopolymer
Studies on Production and Optimization of Halophilic Bacterial Proteases .Dr. Uday Muddapur
Dr. B.S. Hungund
Dr. S.V. Desai
Dr. Zabin Bagewadi
Prof. L.R. Patil
Prof. V.S. Hombalimath
Prof. Anil Shet
Prof. Gururaj Tennalli
Prof. Deepak Yaraguppi
Prof. Sharanappa A
Studies on Production and Optimization of Pectinases.
Studies on Production of Fungal Chitosan and its Biological Activities
02Molecular Biotechnology1. Bio-informatics
2. Downstream processing
In Silico drug designing and protein structure predictionDr. Uday Muddapur
Dr. B.S. Hungund
Dr. S.V. Desai
Dr. Zabin Bagewadi
Prof. Deepak Yaraguppi
Prof. Sharanappa. A
Purification and characterization of bioactive molecules

The Department is actively involved in several research projects

Sl. No.Faculty Research GuidesNo. of Students
01Dr. Uday M. Muddapur04
02Dr. B.S. Hungund04
03Dr. Zabin K. Bagewadi02
04Dr. S.V. Desai04
Sl. No.Academic YearNo. of Publications

On-going Research Projects:

  1. In-house funded research group project on Bio resource Development: 6 Lakhs
  2. Capacity building projects.
  3. Industry- Institute projects.


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