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Course Curriculum

First Year

Program Foundation Courses for Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Circuit AnalysisSignals & Systems
Analog Electronic CircuitsAnalog Electronics Lab
Digital ElectronicsDigital Electronics Lab
Linear Integrated CircuitsData Structures using C Lab
Engineering DesignMachines Lab
Electrical M/C-IPower Electronics Lab
Electrical M/C ĐII
Linear Control Systems
Power Electronics

Second Year

Semester III

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEB201Integral Transforms and Statistics
15EEEC202Circuit Analysis
15EEEC203Analog Electronic Circuits
15EEEC204Digital Electronics
15EEEC205Electrical M/C-I
15EEEF206Data Structure using C
15EEEP201Analog Electronics Lab
15EEEP202Digital Electronics Lab

Semester IV

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEB207Linear Algebra and Partial differential equations
15EEEF208Engineering Design
15EEEC209Electrical M/C ĐII
15EEEC210Linear Control Systems
15EEEC211Embedded ľc
15EEEC212EPG,T & D
15EEEP203Machines Lab
15EEEP204Embedded ľc Lab

Third Year

Semester V

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEC301Power Electronics
15EEEC302Linear Integrated Circuits
15EEEC303Power System Analysis
15EEEC304Embedded Systems
15EEEC305Signals & Systems
15EEEP301Electrical System Design Lab
15EEEW301Mini project
Open Elective 1 Maths ĐV Course offered only for lateral entry students (Diploma

Semester VI

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEC306Electric Drives & Control
15EEEC307Power System Operation & Control
15EEEC308Automotive Electronics
15EEEE301 (3)PE 1
15EEEP302Power Electronics Lab
15EEEP303Automotive Electronics lab
15EEEP304Embedded and IoT Lab
15EEEW302Minor Project

Fourth Year

Semester VII

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEC401Switchgear Protection and High Voltage Engineering
15EEEN401HSC 2 (MTP)
15EEEE402PE 2
15EEEE403PE 3
15EEEE404PE 4
15EEE405OE 1 (ANN)
15EEEP401Power System Simulation Lab
15EEEP402Relay & High Voltage Engineering Lab
15EEEW401Project ĐPhase I (3)

Semester VIII

Course CodeCourse Name
15EEEE406PE 5
15EEEE407PE 6
15EEE408O E 2 (AI)
15EEEH401HSC 3 (AFM)
15EEEW402Project ĐPhase II


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