Minors that take you Beyond

At KLE Technological University, we strive to produce engineers with multidisciplinary skills and abilities, to succeed in technologically complex world. Earning a minor along with your engineering major is a great way to broaden your education, enhance technical, managerial and business skills and have an advantage in a competitive job market. Minors are intended to encourage and officially acknowledge the attainment of a fair measure of expertise and knowledge in more than one academic field, with the goal of broadening a student’s education.

KLE Tech offers multi-term, on campus minors consisting of 15 Credits of course work specified by the Department / Centre offering the minor. The following minors are offered by the University.

Minor Offering School /Centre
Entrepreneurship Centre for Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Computer Science & Engineering School of Computer Science
Electronics School of Electronics & Communication
Innovation and Product Development Centre for Innovation & Product Development (CIPD) (Mechanical Department)
Robotics Department of Automation & Robotics