Unparalleled Learning Experience

The KLE Technological University offers learning experience that stimulates, challenges, and fulfills the potential of students, leading to meaningful careers and profound contributions to society.

Globally Benchmarked Curriculum

In line with emerging global engineering education scenario, the KLE Tech has adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) paradigm, for the designing curriculum of its programs. Based on this framework, each program formulates a set of program outcomes (in congruence with needs of industry, society and global accreditation bodies) that specify knowledge, skills and attitudes program graduate should have. The curriculum, instruction and assessment are organized to make sure that the desired outcomes are met. We continually engage employers / industry in curriculum design to ensure that it is in line with emerging technological trends.

Engaging Experiential Learning

Apart from the well-planned and well-articulated class room lectures, innovative teaching strategies are used to make the students more involved and engaged in the learning process. Active learning, collaborative learning, problem based learning, seminars, discussions, course-projects and case studies are some of the techniques used by the faculty not only to enhance student understanding of the subject but also to gain equally in the development of generic skills like leadership, effective communication, team work, analytical thinking and decision making. The students will be carrying out seven to eight projects in their course of study. These projects provide students the experience and techniques to investigate and solve engineering problems based on the knowledge and skills learned from the relevant course(s) and/or the program as a whole. It also provides them with methods of scientific enquiry and enhances their creativity. The integrated learning experience at KLE Tech is geared towards providing knowledge, skills and abilities that our graduates are going to need in this new century.

Unique Empowering Courses

The future also requires more and more innovative engineers with entrepreneurial spirit, responsible for creating new ideas and solutions to meet the growing societal needs. KLE Tech strives hard to go beyond the traditional boundaries to innovate, design and deliver new courses which enable the graduates to become creative problem solvers that the world needs today. These courses focus on Engineering-Society connect, multidisciplinary nature of engineering and creative product design skills that are required for engineers.

Social Innovation

A course on ‘Social Innovation’ has been conceptualized and offered to the students of first year undergraduate engineering. The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To build students’ capacity to use problem solving skills to address social issues through innovative solutions.
  • To transform students’ perspective on the world around them by enabling them to identify areas ripe for innovation. Last year, over 250 projects in social space are done by First year undergraduate engineering students, which help them to connect with societal issues.

Engineering Design

To solve complex engineering problems and develop solutions for real life situations, student needs to understand and practice engineering design process. To strengthen the design skills, the college has introduced ‘Engineering Design’ course across the major engineering programs.

The course deals with problem solving approach to real life challenges that are generally ill-structured and open ended. It emphasizes on the creative problem solving, using structured approach. The student experiences in the course include: aspects of understanding the customer requirements, identifying the objectives, constraints, defining the problem, establishing the functions, generating alternate solutions to the problem, choosing the best alternative, modeling, analyzing and simulating, building prototype, testing and documenting.

Engineering Exploration

A new course by name “Engineering Exploration” is introduced in the new curriculum of KLE Tech from the year 2015-2016. This course is co-designed with Virginia Tech, USA keeping in line with global best practices of Engineering Education and the changing needs of Engineering Profession. The course follows active and collaborative learning pedagogical practices. Through this course students of first year engineering explore engineering and get exposed to Engineering Design Process, Multi-disciplinary nature of engineering, problem solving, data analysis, Team Building, Professional Ethics, Sustainability and Project Management. Another unique feature of this course is the involvement of faculty members drawn from different engineering disciplines in design and delivery of the course

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Undergraduate research opportunities help the student to experience and learn how to identify and define the problems and solve them, how to find and evaluate evidence, how to consider and assess competing interpretations, how to form and test their own analysis and interpretations and how to communicate their ideas and findings. These learning’s enable them to take part in the research missions in their future career inside or outside academia.

Probably our college is the first institution in India to introduce ‘Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU)s’ in the curriculum as an optional course. The response from the students and faculty mentors has been overwhelmingly positive. The students and faculty mentors have devoted considerable time and effort to make the experience worthwhile and fruitful.

Summary of outcome of the REU course is reflected in the following table. In the first year, 18 REU students have published 25 papers in international conferences and journals, and 8 of them have either completed or doing post graduation. About 25% of the total REU students from 2011-15 are doing post graduation either in India or abroad

Product design and Realization

Product design and building is a complex process requiring cross-functional teams from design, manufacturing, financing, marketing and many more. PDR as head start course provides an opportunity for the students to experience the complete product design and realization process, working in teams comprising of students from different disciplines of engineering. PDR essentially intends to achieve two things – first is, to collaborate with engineers from other disciplines to achieve a common goal, second is, to understand the design/product hand off stages between various development phases.

Immersion Entrepreneurship

This is a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team activity, where in students from University of Massachusetts and BVB Hubli come together to build a business model for a chosen technology solution. The two week residential course emphasizes on literature survey, global business standards and regulations, competition evaluation, financial and market viability of the chosen solution. Students develop a business model and pitch it to an external jury panel. Teams comprises of students from engineering, business, economics, health sciences and nursing and other disciplines. Since 2014 the emphasis of this program is on a multi-nation experience, wherein students from Japan, China, Thailand and Guyana, US and India have taken part. Till date over 200 students from BVB have graduated out and remarkably many have started their ventures at BVB.