Opportunity at KLE Technological University

KLE Technological University is dedicated to teaching and Creation of Knowledge that meet highest standards of excellence and to Leverage knowledge through Research, Innovation and Creative endeavors for nation building activities and the socio-economic development of the region .

The connection that exists between creation of knowledge and leveraging it ,to create an impact in the world through the work of KLE Technological University has led us to create a faculty structure that is rooted in the fundamentals of Imparting Engineering Education yet gives enough space to explore the creative and innovative spirit thru Research, Industry and Social collaborative programs. We hope and aim that innovative network and collaborative work practices will emerge in the process. This has prompted us to invite exceptional academicians and field practitioners as faculty in the University

We work as a unified community of faculty, staff and students, together with the spirit of collaboration and partnership to accomplish our Mission.

We value intellectual curiosity, originality of thinking, symbiotic mode of working and a passion to teach in our faculty.

All faculty members are expected to contribute to and participate in some measure to teaching, research and practice/service.