Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):

Initiated Intra Institution agreements / MOUs / programs for collaborative work on short term research investigations through student & Faculty exchange.

REDHAT ACADEMY AGREEMENT :Under the Program, Red Hat provides the institute an Internet deployed and managed Curriculum, Software, and Services. Department provides the facilities and Teachers to deliver the Courses to Students.

MoU with University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad :

This agreement has following provisions:

  • Joint research projects which are mutually beneficial to both the institutions to be submitted to various agencies in India and abroad for funding.
  • Recognition of Scientists/Professors as Co-Guides of Post Graduate students and Research (PhD)

scholars working in both the Institutions.

  • Availability of the facilities like laboratories, workshops and library, etc at the University of Agricultural

Sciences, Dharwad, (UASD) to the students and faculty of KLE Technological University.

  • Visits of the post graduate students, research scholars and faculty members of various Departments of

the KLETech to UASD for conducting practicals, project works, extension activities, etc. on mutually

agreeable terms.

Professional Communications & Mathematical Thinking Logical Reasoning

The students of MCA Programme undergo Professional Communication  and Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning courses compulsorily which enables them industry ready.