Students become more deeply engaged in their IT education and more connected to their professional discipline even before they graduate.

Our students benefit from practice based learning through integrated curriculum that challenges them to design and engage in more authentic and extended learning. Practice based learning gives them the skills and knowledge they require to be employable upon graduating.

Students in information technology need realistic, hands-on experience to master IT skills. An integrated curriculum creates challenging, fun and meaningful tasks that help students connect with information. It enables students to engage in active learning through which they create real world connections. Students become more deeply engaged in both their education and their career path. Our courses also prepare students to use their skills and knowledge to achieve certifications in the IT industry.

Each of our classes includes time for lecture and for skill development, which may involve hands-on labs, demonstrations by the instructor, or other learning tasks that build students’ skills. Activities are given to group of students which develop co-operative behavior, interdependence, individual responsibility and accountability. They encourage peer evaluation and team spirit.

Tool usage enhances practical knowledge and helps to connect the learnt concepts with real world ones. Internet-of-things course uses kits of IoT devices as tools. Cloud computing course offers experience of working with Cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google App engine and the like. Data Mining courses deals with open source tools like Weka, Orange, Rapid Minner, Tableau and so on.