Curriculum Structure

Course Curriculum

Course Verticals

Semester Software Design & Development Data Science
I Web Programming
II Software Engineering, PHP & Mini Project – 1 Data Structures, MySQL.
III Java Programming , Python Programming, Mini Project – 2 DBMS, Oracle
IV C # and . Net Programming, Mini Project – 3 Data Mining, PL/SQL
Elective Elective
Software Practices and Testing Information Storage & Management
Cyber Security and Forensics NO SQL
IT Infrastructure & Management Database Administration
Cloud Computing Web Content Management
V Advanced Java Programming, Mobile App Development, Mini Project – 4 Big Data Analytics
Elective Elective
Service Oriented Architecture Internet of Things
Wireless & Mobile Computing Information Retrieval
Web 2.0 & Rich Internet Applications GIS Data Management
E-Commerce Information Security
VI Capstone Project – (Real Time Projects from IT Industry)

Courses & Electives 2017-20

I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester V Semester VI Semester
Discrete Mathematical Structures Operating Systems Computer Networks Data Mining Big Data Analytics Project Work
Professional Communication Software Engineering Design & Analysis of Algorithms Programming in C# with .NET Mobile Application Development
Fundamentals of Computer Organization Object Oriented Programming in C++ Database Management Systems Mathematical Thinking & Logical Reasoning Advanced Java Programming
Problem Solving using C Data Structures with Applications Programming using Java Elective (Data Science Stream) Elective (Data Science Stream)
Web Programming PHP Programming Python Programming Elective (Software Design & Development Stream) Elective (Software Design & Development Stream)
UNIX Shell Scripting Mini Project -1 Mini Project -2 PL / SQL Lab. Mini Project-4
Mini Project-3
Data Science Stream
IV Semester electives V Semester Electives
Information Storage & Management Internet of Things
NO SQL Information Retrieval
Database Administration GIS Data Management
Web Content Management Information Security
Software Design & Development Stream
IV Semester electives V Semester Electives
Software Practices and Testing Service Oriented Architecture
Cyber Security and Forensics Wireless & Mobile Computing
IT Infrastructure & Management Web 2.0 & Rich Internet Applications
Cloud Computing E-Commerce


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