Experiential Learning

SoCSE believes in educating students through learning by doing. The curriculum involves well designed laboratory courses involving structured and open ended experiments. Theoretical learning in the courses is enhanced by course project and integrated projects.

The student conducts a minimum of 5 to 6 projects during their undergraduate studies. Opportunities are also provided for industry visit, internships, research and innovative projects.

Experiential learning involves a number of steps that offer student a hands-on, collaborative and reflective learning experience which helps them to “fully learn new skills and knowledge”. During each step of the experience, students will engage with the content, the instructor, each other as well as self–reflect and apply what they have learned in another situation.

Students undergo the Experiential Learning through following phases spread over their engineering curriculum courses such as Engineering Exploration, Engineering Design and Product Realization. Students undergo Course, Mini, and Minor and Capstone projects to acquaint in-depth knowledge in the various domains of Computer Science. Students carry-out various industry based projects and get opportunities to work as interns in reputed companies in final year.