Student Centric Environment

SoCSE provides an environment and space for overall development in spears of academics, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.

SoCSE offers opportunity to enhance students programing skills through well designed curriculum from C Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Programing, Algorithmic Problem Solving and further these skills are enhanced by Web Technologies and Python Laboratories. The courses are taught in laboratories and evaluation is carried out through Hackathon against Global standards providing a unique programming experience.

Along with curricular initiatives, SoCSE organizes co-curricular activities in collaboration with Government and Industries such as Smart India Hackathon, INZoom Hackathon. Students have been participating in various national and state level events including KPIT Sparkle, Bosch INSCRIBE, Accenture Innovation Jockeys, and ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) for successive years and have won many prizes. Students of SoCSE are now working in reputed software companies like Microsoft, Walmart Labs, Sony, HP, Juniper, SAP Lab, Informatica, Akamai and many more.