Sl. No. Industry/Institute
1 Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited
2 Entuple Technologies Private Limited
3 Juniper Networks
4 University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
5 MMRFIC Technologies Private Limited
6 Continental Automotive Components (India) Private Limited
7 KPIT Technologies Limited
8 Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore Private Limited
9 Tessolve Semiconductor Private Limited
10 SEER Akademi Private Limited
11 Sankalp Semiconductors Pvt Ltd– Hubli
12 SLN Technologies Pvt Ltd– Hubli
13 Tata Elexi- Bangalore
14 Wipro Mission 10X Bangalore
15 Microsoft India R&D Private Limited
16 Sky Krafts Aerospace
17 All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi
18 Vegam Solutions