Research Scholars in Electronics and Communication Engineering are going to work in following Research domain, focus area, and theme.

Research DomainResearch Focus AreaResearch Theme
Signal, Image & Audio-Video Processing

Audio Signal Processing


Speech Signal Processing
Music Signal Processing
Image ProcessingImage Compression, Biomedical Image Processing
Video ProcessingObject Analytics Using Multi Camera
Vehicle Detection & Tracking

Computer Vision and Graphics


Computer Vision3D Reconstruction
2D Processing
Scene Analysis & Understanding
Computer Graphics3D data Processing
Presentation  AR/VR
Wireless Communication &  NetworksHeterogeneous NetworksSoftware Defined Networks
5G Networks standards
Noise CancellationInterference cancellation in 5G mobiles
Data Center NetworksTraffic Engineering
Cloud Security
Embedded SystemsEmbedded and H/W Secure systemsHardware Security
Hardware and firmware attacks
Automotive Embedded systemsVehicle Navigation and Perception
VLSI SystemsAnalog and Mixed Signal VLSIData Converters
Power Management Systems
Digital DesignMicro Architecture Design
Testing & Verification


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