Research Canvas of School of ECE

Research DomainResearch Focus AreaResearch Theme
Signal, Image & Audio-Video Processing

Audio Signal Processing


Speech Signal Processing
Music Signal Processing
Image ProcessingImage Compression, Biomedical Image Processing
Video ProcessingObject Analytics Using Multi Camera
Vehicle Detection & Tracking

Computer Vision and Graphics


Computer Vision3D Reconstruction
2D Processing
Scene Analysis & Understanding
Computer Graphics3D data Processing
Presentation  AR/VR
Wireless Communication &  NetworksHeterogeneous NetworksSoftware Defined Networks
5G Networks standards
Noise CancellationInterference cancellation in 5G mobiles
Data Center NetworksTraffic Engineering
Cloud Security
Embedded SystemsEmbedded and H/W Secure systemsHardware Security
Hardware and firmware attacks
Automotive Embedded systemsVehicle Navigation and Perception
VLSI SystemsAnalog and Mixed Signal VLSIData Converters
Power Management Systems
Digital DesignMicro Architecture Design
Testing & Verification

In alignment with the focus areas of the Govt. of India, supported by the competency of the school an elaborate research plan has been designed.

Research Canvas in So ECE

Following are the different areas of research

a. VLSI Circuits and Systems:

The research group focuses on following broad areas,

Digital VLSI
High performance VLSI architectures for signal processing applications.

Low power and mixed mode VLSI
low power data converters

Low cost  electrochemical potentiometric biosensor

b. Networking and security

The research group is currently focused towards,

Communication techniques and protocols
Energy efficient and/or self-configurable protocols/   algorithms for  wireless networks

Wireless mesh network
Energy aware adaptive protocol for wireless sensor network

Data security
Cryptographic Hardware Primitives for data security.
Data security primitives for IoT framework.

c. Signal processing

Focus areas of this research group are

Image/video processing
To improve the visual quality of the observed images to assist the medical diagnosis, precision agriculture, Hyper spectral image analysis for water body inferences.

Computer vision and graphics
3D data analysis and processing techniques for digital restoration of heritage sites.
point cloud rendering tool

Machine learning
intelligent system using computer vision and machine learning techniques

d. Embedded systems

Group is currently working in following areas,

  • Automated Irrigation
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Communicative Glove
  • ADAS