The cornerstone of the Mechanical Engineering program is hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories. The foundational courses help acquire a deeper understanding of the essential facts, concepts, theories, and principles of mechanical engineering and its underpinning science, mathematics, and computing techniques. In senior years, one can specialize in following two of the three main curriculum stems that provide greater depth into niche areas of Mechanical Engineering, viz. Design, PLM, CAE, Manufacturing, and Thermal. Drawing on the strong link with industry, curriculum stems are designed to keep pace with current industry needs and practices. The learning is made exciting and experiential throughout the study with a unique approach of integrating project and laboratory experiences with the theory courses.

Our Vision

KLE Tech – School of Mechanical Engineering will be a national leader in mechanical engineering education – recognized for innovative culture, outstanding research and societal outreach.

Our Mission

  • To offer programs in an engaging and experiential learning environment, preparing students for success in their lives and professional careers.
  • To engage in disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research that is aligned to areas of national importance and priority.
  • To contribute to socio-economic development of the region for enhanced quality of life.

KLETech School of Mechanical Engineering shall accomplish its mission by working in a team, with the spirit of collaboration and partnership.

Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning

The philosophy of Outcome Based Education (OBE) forms the bedrock of teaching-learning process in the School that has made provisions for continual curriculum updates in line with changing trends in the field. The experienced and dedicated faculty make a continuous and conscious effort to bridge the gap between the Industry and the School through personalized teaching-learning integrated by several active learning approaches in to Open-ended-experiments, and Mini-Minor-Capstone projects. A sophisticated range of equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories ensure that students get the best practical training. The student learning is continually assessed through a systematically designed ‘Rubric based evaluation scheme’. The myriad initiatives taken by the School are aligned to the practical situations providing sufficient industry exposure during student learning. The Industry-School bonds are fortified through active involvement of industry in curriculum development, industry visits and expert talks. In adherence to OBE frame-work the School has a systematic assessment plan to gauge student attainment in technical and professional competencies at the time of graduation.

Value Creation through a Myriad of Initiatives

The School prides the ‘MakerSpace’-an advanced modern production infrastructure for design-prototyping-manufacturing in realization of electro-mechanical product. The Bosch-Rexroth Automation Competence Center emulates industry atmosphere and helps make our students better employable. These unique facilities of the School promote an ambience congenial to the philosophy of ‘do-and-learn’ promulgated by the School to strengthen its student learnability and employability. The School augments to additional knowledge base of student community through its uniquely designed ‘Minor Programs’ – Innovation and Product Development, Automotive Engineering, Bio-Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing for Aero-space Applications. These Minor programs motivate higher knowledge-seekers work to attain additional honors in addition to the ongoing UG program. The sizable number of students who get admitted to School with employability as the main objective on graduation are assisted through VIKAS program designed to hone competency in professional aptitude. The School has identified niche areas in engineering services with employment potential for Mechanical Engineering graduates possessing skills in Product Lifecycle Management. The practice intensive courses of Engineering Design and Product Realization, CAD Modeling, Advanced CAE and Product Lifecycle Management (Customization) are a result of intensive consultation with lead industries in Engineering services.

Research Opportunities

The School practices strategic policy for research promotion at various levels in UG, PG and Doctoral studies with focus aligned to national interests. The collaborative interdisciplinary research groups operate as Material Science cluster and Energy cluster leading to high impact products for active researchers to pursue. The Research Experience for Under-graduates (REU) is an exclusive course designed to motivate early researchers in UG studies and provide a launch pad to pursue higher studies or focused research. The PG students also actively pursue their research interests contributing towards the broad research domain of the School. The faculty of the School are actively involved in various capacities as editors in refereed journals, reviewers of technical articles, authors of technical articles and book chapters with an encouraging statistics of two publications per faculty. The future research interests of the School extend to filing exquisite patents and technology development aligned to the research vision of the School.

Eco-System for Success

The School earnestly emphasizes a healthy and intimate teacher-student association in the broad interest to unleash talent and capability of each student pursuing studies at the School. The Motor Sports Club and Aero-KLE Club are student-driven initiatives to instill design skills for building hybrid-electric-all terrain vehicles, gliders, air-planes and quad-copters to compete at national level competitions.  The exuberant eco-system developed through campus incubated start-ups, active industry involvement in course design, alumni support in academic matters and School supported long term strategic initiatives fosters the work culture congenial to student-drive to plan their future at an early stage. The ambience on campus promotes student prepare blue print of accomplishment and systematically work towards its realization. The School of Mechanical engineering aims not only to produce efficient engineers, but also well-educated conscientious leaders who can contribute to the development of the country through ameliorating our industries.