Motor Sports Club

BVB Motorsports Club was started by students to test their engineering skills against the best in the country. To compete with other engineering institutes on designing, building and racing cars. The idea was it to become a common platform for students participating in extra curricular projects to discuss and exchange ideas, innovative design concepts and develop camaraderie and thereby create an atmosphere of growth and healthy competition.

To build a project successfully a multi disciplinary team is essential. Special attention is placed on building the team with a mix of students from second year to final year of engineering. The final year students lead the entire team and also the sub-divisions in terms of design and fabrication. Depending on their experience and skills the third and second year students are allocated various tasks which not only helps them understand the project better but also helps them mature in terms of decision making abilites and leardership. As the final years pass out the third years take up the mantle and carry on with the projects. This also ensures continued learning and a continuous improvement process.

What are the benefits of being a part of this Club?

  1. Learning in terms of academics and research.
  2. Improvement in communication skills.
  3. Bridging the gap between theory and practical’s.
  4. Opportunity to interact with industry leaders.
  5. Improvement in personal attributes like attitude, confidence and social skills.