Research Experience for Undergraduates

The quest to improve the standard of living of human society has kept the wheel of innovation spinning through research at Academia and Industry. The motivating factor to promote research and development at all levels of human endeavor has been the Millennium Global challenges. The Research initiatives in education are the important mandates that lead to application of knowledge gained towards meaningful solutions confronting the human society. The initiatives to imbibe research culture in engineering graduate students has been widely strived at due to inherent need to reach higher learning levels. The path laying initiatives based on SMART Research objectives promote initiatives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely and lead to meaningful result oriented research. The University campus promotes an ambience of targeted research amongst aspiring UG students to work under the supervision of research groups.

The School of Mechanical Engineering as part of this institutional initiative has been promoting research in its defined Programme verticals of Design, Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering streams. The quality of the research outcomes targeted are iteratively upgraded during the several cycles of this course implementation. These initiatives assure to create a good research ambience on account of a meticulous rubric based evaluation, good peer support to research and overwhelming student involvement. The vivid picture of the successfully implementation of this research oriented course also aims to propel the Institution-level research objectives. The major advantage of this initiative has been the promotion of inter-disciplinary research that has been defined as the crux of any research activity. The REU course has made a good impact in the Teaching Learning process and addressed its defined objectives through student enrollment for Masters Programme at renowned Global Institutes, excellent employer feedback and student start-up ventures. A glimpse of the REU statistics reflects the overwhelming student response to this innovative course in the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Year No. of Student enrolment No. of Supervisors No.of Publications
2015-16 14 10 13
2016-17 15 08 12
2017-18 13 09 13