Course Curriculum

Semester I

Sl. No.CourseL-T-PCredits
1Renewable Energy Systems4-0-004
2Sustainable Building Design4-0-004
3Energy Management4-0-004
4Instrumentation and,Control in Energy Systems4-0-004
5Recent Topics on Technology,Trends1-0-001
6Elective 14-0-004
Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Solar Thermal Systems Design
Biomass Energy Systems
Illumination Engineering
7Mini Project-10-0-303
8Renewable Energy Lab0-0-101

Semester II

Sl. No.CourseL-T-PCredits
1Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning3-0-003
2Energy Audit and Conservation4-0-004
3Demand Side Management4-0-004
4Elective 24-0-004
Design of Heat transfer equipments
Solar Photovoltaic System Design
5Research Methodology2-1-003
6Elective 34-0-003
Industrial Process Equipment Design
Heating Ventilating and Air
Renewable Energy Grid Integration
Philosophy and Practice of Engineering Education2-0-204
7Mini Project0-0-303

Semester III

Sl. No.CourseL-T-PCredits
1Economics and Planning of Energy Conversion4-0-004
2Conventional Energy Conversion4-0-004
3Industrial Training/ Mini Project-30-0-202
4Minor Project/Project
Work Phase-I

Semester IV

Sl. No.CourseL-T-PCredits
1Major Project / Project Work Phase -II0-0-2020


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