KLE Technological University is committed to providing every student with full potential in capability and skill enhancement in Personality development, technical skills, and technical fields.  University arranges many programs yearly in this regard.  The below tables give the particulars of different categories of such programs conducted & the title of the programs.


Personality and Technical Skill Enhancement


Program category /Year2019-202018-192017-182016-172015-16
1.     Soft skills1111
2.     Language and communication skills11112
3.     Life skills18222
4.     Awareness of technology trends212227125






Name of the capability development and skills enhancement  schemeDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)
Language and Communication01-08-2015
A Course on Professional Communication02-08-2015
Yoga Day Celebration21-06-2015
C Programming05-10-2015
Domestic wiring workshop17-10-2015
Overview on software development and Java spring14-11-2015
Mobile application development using android21-11-2015
Innovation in cement and concrete material22-01-2016





Name of the capability development and skills enhancement  schemeDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)
Soft skills Initiatives26-08-2016
A course on professional communication03-08-2016
Yoga Day Celebration21-06-2016
Software engineering -An industry prespective05-07-2016
Network and cyber security20-08-2016
Admixture use in concrete28-09-2016
Elextreme Technical Event18-10-2016
Google firebase by computer science04-02-2017
Amazon web service(AWS) 05-02-2017
Blends and trends of concrete07-02-2017
Premature failure of concrete structure08-02-2017
 Big data and hadoop05-03-2017
Pre-stressed concrete flat slabs15-03-2017
Innovation concert18-03-2017
Talkon telecom networks18-03-2017






Name of the capability development and skills enhancement  schemeDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)
Soft skill initiatives16-08-2017
A course on professional communication11-08-2017
Yoga Day Celebration21-06-2018
Blue Print Pedagogy19-08-2017
Workshop on C21-08-2017
How to use LATEX 06-10-2017
Workshop on ML 07-10-2017
Navalur ROB Construction site visit 13-10-2017
Unbound Post Tension Technology for RCC Structures23-10-2017
 Skill Development Program23-10-2017
 VIDYUT 3.0 04-11-2017
Railway Loco shed Visit14-11-2017
Sharavati receiving Substation visit 220kV Hubballi24-11-2017
Cad Master 3.025-11-2017
 Data Science with Python and ML10-01-2018
Workshop on Crypto currency 14-01-2018
Site Visit to Hubballi Airport08-02-2018
Smart City Air Quality Data Visualization using Sensor DB 17-02-2018
Mock parliament01-03-2018
Terranaut X 10-03-2018
Trends &Technology:Seminar on Control Systems 17-03-2018
Discussion on RADAR System of Autonomous vehicles 19-03-2018
Workshop on IOT, AWS AND RASPBERRI PI 22-03-2018
The Mean Stack23-03-2018
Hands on Rasberry Pi Using AWS23-03-2018
IoT applications using Rasberry Pi30-03-2018
Machine Learning workshop and introduction to deep learning and tensor flow 16-04-2018
Visit to  220/110/11KV RECEIVING SUBSTATION, BIDNAL, HUBBALLI. 21-04-2018
Industry Expert Session09-06-2018
Supa Dam and Power Station, Ganeshgudi 03-07-2018






Name of the capability development and skills enhancement  schemeDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)
Soft skills08-08-2018
A course on professional communication01-08-2018
Yoga Day Celebration21-06-2019
Empathy 01-08-2018
Heartfulness enabled leadership mastery25-08-2018
Heartfulness enabled leadership mastery 01-09-2018
Heartfulness enabled leadership mastery 29-09-2018
Heartfulness enabled leadership mastery 08-09-2018
Heartfulness enabled leadership mastery08-12-2018
Heartfulnes enabled leadership mastery06-10-2018
Workshop on C04-08-2018
Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB20-08-2018
How to apply numerical methods to electrical problems06-09-2018
C Refresher Workshop 20-09-2018
A Tech talk – VEHICLE ELECTRIFICATION – Trends and challenges 28-09-2018
Python workshop 06-10-2018
 Coding Contest 17-11-2018
 System Admin17-11-2018
 VIDYUT 4.018-11-2018
 Cad Master 4.018-11-2018
 Industrial Visit to Kalinadi – Nagjhari Hydro Power Plant21-11-2018
Deep learning HPC 05-12-2018
Technical visit to Water Treatment Plant 10-02-2019
 Mock Parliament06-03-2019
Electronic design thinking14-03-2019
Terranaut XI 16-03-2019
Witricity – Wireless Electric Power Transmission29-03-2019
Falcon 9 – A Revolution in Commercial Space Travel01-04-2019
Anatomy of Routers12-04-2019
Talk on AirBorne Equipment Design Life Cycle24-04-2019
 Block Chain 25-04-2019





Name of the capability development and skills enhancement  schemeDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)
 Soft skills19-08-2019
 A Course on Professional Communication16-08-2019
Tata Innovation Program08-04-2019
Workshop on computational24-08-2019
How to apply mathematical modelling to mini project 28-08-2019
 IEEE CS Connect 04-10-2019
Python workshop 11-10-2019
Lapathon 11-10-2019
IoT and Drone Workshop12-10-2019
 Software Engineering 20-10-2019
Trends in IoT and its application 11-03-2019
Industrial visit to 220/110/11KV Receiving substation, Bidnal18-11-2019
 Industrial visit, NGEF Limited, Rayapur, Dharwad18-11-2019
VIDYUTH 5.0 21-11-2019
Technical Talk on “Advanced Construction Technologies – An Overview”05-02-2020
 Cad Master 5.015-02-2020
 Cybercrime and Cyber Security Resiliency01-08-2020
Cybrer Security initiativies by GoK03-09-2020
TequipSponsered National laven conference on Recent Trends in Biochmeical Engineering and Biotechnology (RTBEB 2019)21-09-2019
Basics on ML, Knowledge management and AI Planning19-10-2020
Person Tracking by 2D and 3D 18-07-2019
 Emotional Intellegence30-08-2019