School of Advanced Studies - Chemistry

Chemistry has faculties working in the research areas namely Pharmaceutical Engineering & Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electro analytical chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Materials for Health Energy and Environment, Polymer Materials; Membrane separation packing and battery applications, Polymer Composites and Applied Chemistry

S.No. Research Groups 2020 2021
1 Electrochemical Sensors for Bio- and Toxic Molecules - 4
2 Electrochemical Studies of Industrial Molecules - 2
3 Polymer Material 1 1
  Tota 1 7
Department of Chemistry
S.No. Research Area Supervisors
1 Pharmaceutical Engineering & Chemistry Dr. Tejraj Amminabhavi
2 Analytical Chemistry Dr. S V Hiremath
3 Electro analytical chemistry Dr. S T Nandibevoor
4 Analytical Chemistry, Materials for Health Energy and Environment Dr. Nagaraj Shetty
5 Polymer Materials;Membrane separation packing and battery applications. Dr. A. M. Sajjan
6 Polymer Composites Dr. S. Dhanalakshmi
7 Applied Chemistry Dr. Shwetha Malode

PhD Scholars (Electrical & Electronics)

S.No. Name of the Ph.D. Schular Part-Time/Full Time Registration Number Batch
1 Sandeep Kurundwade Part Time 01PS21RCH001 2021-22
2 Manjunath Megalamani Full Time 01FS21RCH002  
3 Yuvarajgouda Patil Full Time 01FS21RCH003  
4 Manu Lingappa Naik Full Time 01FS17RCH001 2017-18
5 Prakash Kalahal Full Time 01FS17RCH002  
6 Yogesh Mohan Shanbhag Part Time 01PS17RCH004  
7 Bipin Shidaray Chikkatti Part Time 01PS21RCH004  
8 Akshay S. Kulkarni Full Time 01FS16RCH001 2016-17
9 Leena V. Hublikar Part Time 01PS16RCH002