Marketing Club

Provide a forum in which to educate and enhance their understanding of marketing issues and also to assist participants in discovering and exploring diverse marketing employment opportunities.


  • To develop analytical bent of mind from a marketing perspective
  • To nurture and enhance creativity in advertising an activity in the digital marketing domain was conducted
  • To instill a sense of research among the students

Finance Club

Finance club provides inputs to students on actual happenings in the real world. They get updated with the important aspects about financial markets. Classroom lessons have to be linked with actual markets. Real time exposure gives them real experiences while still in an academic environment. This will provide students with knowledge and insight into real market situations. The financial research and trading laboratory has access to Live Cash, Stock Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives Markets.

Students observe Daily Movement of Indices and Stocks Prices. Students understand trading software’s and real time data to execute orders. Students learn and build models on various aspects which help them to understand concepts in a better way. They learn how currency futures and commodity futures can be used in hedging and arbitration.



Finance Club aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To explore and motivate initiatives in the finance domain.
  • To add finance knowledge and indulge in connecting with the industry and practitioners.
  • To connect students with outside world thereby providing first hand information and experience in finance stream.

Human Resource Club

The purpose of the ensemble is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. The club promotes the active participation of the students. The HR students take the lead in arranging the events.


  • HR Club aims at improving students’ skills to face future challenges.
  • HR Club helps students in knowing current and future HR practices of Organizations.
  • HR Club also motivates students in organizing Co-curricular activities.

Operations Club

Operation club strives to foster interest in Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and analytics .The operations club bridges the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in various fields of Operations.


  • To create entrepreneur ecosystem.
  • To make aware of various concepts of operations used in industry.
  • To bridge the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in various field of Operations.

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship club makes students realize their dream business through innovative products and develop greater entrepreneurial culture within the institution. It helps them to understand about the sources of finance, assistance and schemes and enables them to start their own ventures. Personnel from industry, banks and academics conduct interactive sessions and enrich students on how to start a new business at their own cost. Entrepreneurs share their experiences about their success and failures.


  • To create awareness of opportunities and benefits of entrepreneurship among the students.
  • To create awareness among students on business and on availability of financial assistance.