Department of Mathematics has faculties working in the research areas namely Fluid dynamics, Graph theory, Topology and Statistics.

S.No. Maths Research Groups 2020 2021
1 Fluid dynamics 2 3
2 Graph theory 2 3
3 Topology 2 2
4 Statistics 2 2
  Tota 8 10
Department of Mathematics
S.No. Research Area Supervisors
1 Fluid dynamics Dr. G B Marali
    Dr. Bharati Shettar
2 Graph tdeory Dr. Narayan Swamy
    Dr. Sumedha shinde
    Dr. Shaila V Chaugala
    Dr. Y M Umatdar
3 Topology Dr. M B Page
    Dr. Uma Neeli
    Dr. Nivedita Kabbur
    Dr. D A Patil
4 Statistics Dr. G N Bhadri

PhD Scholars (Electrical & Electronics)

S.No. Name of the Ph.D. Schular Part-Time/Full Time Registration Number Batch
1 Pradeep Hiremath Full Time 01FS21RMA001 2021-22
2 Prema Kamat Full Time 01FS21RMA002  
3 Divya Balehosur Part Time 01PS18RMA001 2018-19
4 Praveen I Chandaragi Part Time 01PS17RMA001 2017-18