The KLE Technological University offers a variety of masters and doctoral programs within each of the school/departments.

The research students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty across other schools, research groups, and research centers. Supervised by leading experts and working with talented peers, a Ph.D. or master’s by research could be your gateway to a rewarding career in academia or other professional fields.

Research Programmes

Undergraduate research experience allows students to develop professionally and personally in ways not possible through traditional lecture and laboratory courses. Research experiences enable students to gain a deeper knowledge of research techniques and processes, apply classroom learning in real-world contexts, explore academic literature, and form meaningful relationships with faculty members and professional researchers.

The University has created opportunities for the undergraduate students to opt for the courses that can help them gain research experience. Following two courses were introduced across all the schools/departments.

1. Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) course aims to give the students immersive research experience by engaging them in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs or research projects specifically designed for the REU program. Each student is associated with a specific research project, where they work closely with the faculty and other researchers.

REU programs are an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to:

  • Develop research skills gain an understanding of disciplinary practices, and grow technical knowledge.
  • Gain appreciation for and interest in higher studies and future research career
  • Explore networking opportunities
2. Institutional research project Internships (IRP-Internships)

University funds and supports faculty-led long-term research projects that work on emerging technologies. The ‘Institutional Research Projects (IRP)’ aims to advance promising research, technologies, and product ideas around a theme of future relevance. The fund encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and active engagement of postgraduate and undergraduate students. The undergraduate students can join these IRP groups as interns, gain exposure to such cutting-edge technologies, and ingrain the conceptual, inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, and integrative learning skills needed to develop a research mindset.

Titles of Institutional Research Project-Internships at Schools/Departments

School/Dept/Centre Title of Institutional Research Project-Internships
Computer Science & Engineering KLE Tech Cloud
Multi Object Tracking
Indian Heritage in Digital Space (IHDS- Crowd Sourcing)
Digital Poompuhar
KLE Tech AI Processor
Electronics & Communication Engineering Autonomous Vehicle
Smart System for Resource Management
Chip India- Single core RISC V SOC
Indian Heritage in Digital Space (IHDS- Crowd Sourcing)
Digital Poompuhar
Mechanical Engineering Bionic Design and Additive Manufacturing (BDAM)
Security & Surveillance
Material Modelling & experimental studies of sheep horn as high impact strength panels for automotive front & rare component applications
Automation and Robotics Engineering Humanoid
Automated Conveyor System & AGV
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Electric Vehicle Technologies


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