School of Civil Engineering



Civil engineers plan, analyze, build and maintain structures and facilities necessary to meet the vital needs of modern human society.

Our civil engineering curriculum provides a strong foundation in the core areas of civil engineering, including structural, environmental, transportation, water resources, geotechnical engineering, and construction management. The curriculum also leads to electives that help students to specialize in two or more of these areas to broaden their career opportunities. Courses with hands-on project-based learning and real-world experiences prepare our graduates for a successful profession.

Our Vision

KLE Tech School of Civil Engineering will excel and lead in education, research, and innovation, contributing to the advancement of design, construction, and maintenance of the natural environment to enhance the quality of life for humanity in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

  • 1

    To create an outstanding learning experience through a rigorous curriculum of theory and practice that develops students’ technical and professional skills to succeed in a wide range of careers.
  • 2

    To Continually advance research through a culture of discovery, creativity, and innovation to benefit humankind.
  • 3

    To serve as competent resources to society, and the profession through professional organizations, consultancy, and continuing education.

Our Core Values


Student's Life

During their stay at campus students are molded for their overall development to face the challenges of demanding


School of Civil and Environmental engineering is one of the oldest department equipped with state of the art laboratories to conduct various


School has strongest alumni network. All the professors have vast experience in consulting industrial projects also.


School offers consultancy services to various departments of state government, central government, and private bodies.