Through experiment, theoretical and computational research, the multidisciplinary team at the “Center of Excellence in Material Science” is deeply engaged in developing novel functional materials to address critical challenges across the industry and society. The research focus areas are

  • Bio/synthetic polymer-based nanocomposites,
  • Nano-materials for applications in structural, energy, biotechnology, and agricultural sectors.
  • Synthesis of bio-polymer membranes for separation and packaging,
  • Thin films for tribological and sensing applications.
  • Novel materials for energy storage/harvesting applications

Core strengths in materials synthesis, processing, characterisation, and computational modelling underpin and integrate these research areas. The center closely works with the industry and entrepreneurs for technology transfer and consultancy. The Centre has several funded projects and state-of-the-art facilities to carry out cutting-edge research in material science.



coe@kletech.ac.in (Controller of Examinations)