Department of Computer Applications

Research and development is an integral part of the academic activities of our department. The department has undertaken sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the area of precision agriculture, software development for automation of University administrative processes.

The University provides infrastructure and other support for quality research and product development, The following are the ongoing collaborative research projects, Krushivaidya Smart System for Early Detection of Plant Diseases and Pest Infestation – Case study on Chilli.

Fungal diseases, Plant viruses and Insect pests – cause 30 percent loss. (both quality and quantity) Laboratory tests -time consuming. Too late by the time the disease is visible. Disease spreads out- hard to counteract the damage done . Hence, important to detect diseases and Pest Infestation early. Helps in minimizing the usage of the pesticides. The department has developed an automated technological solution to examine the crops for disease and pest infestation in collaboration wit University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. The project is funded by Department of IT & BT, GoK, under the Grand Challenge Programme-2017. The details of the project are available on youtube link

Prototype Unmanned Aerial Sprayer for Plant Protection in Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

Aerial application of pesticides has many advantages such as providing an alternate solution to mundane and laborious task of manual spraying and can potentially reduce the amount of pesticide required by its ability to apply chemicals precisely at locations where it is needed. A prototype Unmanned Aerial Sprayer with a payload of 20 kg, a spraying rate of 6 liters per minute, a spraying swathe of 3 meters, coverage rate of 2 to 4 meters per second and 10 minutes of flight time was built using state of the art technologies. The project is a joint development by University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, KLE Technological University, Hubballi and SkyKrafts Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. The final demonstration video of Prototype Unmanned Aerial Sprayer can be viewed from the following YouTube link:

Environmental Monitoring System – Air Quality Monitoring of Hubballi City : The objective of this project is to monitor the air quality of Hubballi city in terms of air quality parameters such as CO, CO2, NO2 5 and PM10. The air quality stations are deployed at five different locations of the city to collect the live data and same can be retrieved through the portal The students can retrieve the data through APIs to use in their projects. The project is funded by KLE Technology University under capacity building projects.Drone

Development Lab: To introducestudents and faculty to drone technologies, the department has introduced Drone development lab. The lab provides the required components and tools to build drone to use in in GIS Projects and Precision agriculture applications. The project is funded by KLE Technology University under capacity building projects.

Sl. No Research Area Research Field Research Topic Faculty
1 Internet of Things Wireless Sensor Networks Quality Enhancement of Data Aggregation Techniques in WSN, Smart System for Early Detection of Plant Diseases and Pest Infestation, Cross Layer Design for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Dr. P. R Patil

Prof. A. K.


Prof. Amit K

Prof. Deepa M

Prof. S. R. Kulkarni

2 Digital Image Processing Pattern Recognition 2D and 3D face recognition using Radon transform, subspace techniques (PCA, LDA, FDA) and symbolic data analysis


Speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images.

Analysis of digital ultrasound images of ovaries and classification of ovaries.

Texture analysis using contourlet transform, local directional binary patterns and diffusion equation.

Digital microstructure image analysis and 3D estimation of Graphite content using stereological relationships and time of cooling.

Multi Lingual Text extraction from natural scene images using DIP Techniques.

Dr. P. S. Hiremath

Prof. S. V. Seeri

Prof. S.V. Budni

Prof. S. R. Kulkarni

3 Data Engineering Data Mining and Business Intelligence Design and Development of efficient data analytic techniques to handle large amount of data and to filter the data by applying proper constraints.


The Natural Language Processing techniques for all kinds of enterprise data, social, bio-medical and other domains..

Improved algorithm for crawling big data from multiple platforms

Development of algorithms to visualize random data from multi-disciplinary segments

Dr. P. S. Hiremath

Dr. P.R Patil

Prof. S.V. Seeri

Prof. Deepa M

Prof. Praveenkumar S.M.