School of Electronics & Communication Engineering



Electronics and Communication engineers are often at the forefront of modern technology. They work on a very broad range of applications.

including consumer electronics, communication devices, computers, microfabrication, factory automation, robotics, automotive, medical devices, and many others. Our curriculum and teaching methodologies ensure a perfect blend of theory and practical learning throughout the course of study. Our students have a wide scope in embedded, automotive, VLSI, Communication and electronics product development, and manufacturing industries. In addition to core electronics, our graduates develop expertise in software and computing, making them suitable for job avenues and higher studies that are open to conventional computer science students.

Our Core Values


Student's Life

SoECE offers a vibrant ecosystem to harness and nurture the varied talents in students in co-curricular and extra-curricular disciplines.


SoECE is equipped with multimedia enabled classrooms, design studios and laboratories that cater to the varying needs of curriculum delivery. Initiatives like Flipped classrooms, integrated

Students turned Entrepreneurs

KLE Tech. University intends to create success stories and showcase them to initiate young students and graduates into technology entrepreneurship.