Department of Automation & Robotics



Automation and Robotics is a unique program that combines mechanical, electronics, and computer science in real-time. Muti-disciplinary in scope, the program aims to develop proficiency in mechanisms, dynamics, mechatronics, control systems, embedded systems, programming, and prototyping of robotic systems.

The students are exposed to advanced topics like artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to develop intelligent robots and automation systems that define the future “smart” factories. Project-based pedagogy makes the learning hands-on and engaging, preparing the graduates to play a critical role in the rapidly growing world of automation and robotics technology.

Our Vision

To develop into a research-oriented department educating engineers to serve the diverse needs of our changing society.

Our Mission

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    The mission of the Automation & Robotics Program is to prepare undergraduate students with in-depth technical knowledge in the fields of mechanical, electronics, computer, control systems, and applications.