Department of Biotechnology

The department is well-equipped with state of the art research laboratories with Biochemistry, Microbiology, Bioprocess engineering, Cell and Molecular Biology, Animal cell culture laboratories, etc. to carry-out basic and applied research.

Major instruments include Fermentors, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Protein Purification system, Gradient PCR, UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, Electrophoresis units, Gel documentation systems, Thermostat water baths, Deep freezers, High speed cooling centrifuges, Rotary Evaporator, CO2 incubators, Millipore water purification systems, etc.

The department has potential and trained faculty members with research caliber. The department provides a vibrant atmosphere to nurture research culture and pursue cutting-edge research. The department demonstrates a strong teaching and research faculty profile. The faculties are involved in fundamental and applied research and teaching at various levels. In recent years, the department has developed a strategy fostering existing research strengths to fully exploit the department research potential. This strategic process has had an increased national and international visibility of the department.The research strength of the department is evident by the research publications in national and international journals of repute indexed and Web of Sciences and Scopus. The department has been granted with research grants from various funding agencies.


The hallmark of the research conducted at the department includes Bioprocess scale-up studies, process optimization, Bioresource Technology, Sustainable Technology and Environmental Applications.

The department has well defined Research groups (RG) such as,

  • Bioresource Development with research focus on Industrial Enzymes with underlying themes like Bioprocess scale-up studies.
  • Sustainable Technology with research focus on Agriculture & Sustainability with underlying themes like Biocontrol agents, Biofertilizers & soil health.
  • Healthcare & Biotherapeutics with research focus on Drug Discovery & Development with underlying themes likeIn-silico Drug Designing and Biopolymers & Bioactive Compounds.
Sl. No. Research Area Research Field Research Topic Faculty
01 Bioprocess Development 1. Enzyme Technology
2. Biopolymer
Studies on Production and Optimization of Halophilic Bacterial Proteases . Dr. Uday Muddapur
Dr. B.S. Hungund
Dr. S.V. Desai
Dr. Zabin Bagewadi
Prof. L.R. Patil
Prof. V.S. Hombalimath
Prof. Anil Shet
Prof. Gururaj Tennalli
Prof. Deepak Yaraguppi
Prof. Sharanappa A
      Studies on Production and Optimization of Pectinases.
      Studies on Production of Fungal Chitosan and its Biological Activities
02 Molecular Biotechnology 1. Bio-informatics
2. Downstream processing
In Silico drug designing and protein structure prediction Dr. Uday Muddapur
Dr. B.S. Hungund
Dr. S.V. Desai
Dr. Zabin Bagewadi
Prof. Deepak Yaraguppi
Prof. Sharanappa. A
      Purification and characterization of bioactive molecules

The Department is actively involved in several research projects

Sl. No. Faculty Research Guides No. of Students
01 Dr. Uday M. Muddapur 04
02 Dr. B.S. Hungund 04
03 Dr. Zabin K. Bagewadi 02
04 Dr. S.V. Desai 04
Sl. No. Academic Year No. of Publications
01 2015-16 11
02 2016-17 21
03 2017-18 21

On-going Research Projects:

  • In-house funded research group project on Bio resource Development: 6 Lakhs
  • Capacity building projects.
  • Industry- Institute projects.