Dr. S. F. Patil

Principal Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri Campus Belagavi Karnatka - India

Dear Students,

KLE Technological University's Dr. M.S.Sheshgiri College of Engineering & Technology Belagavi Karnatka Campus was established in the year 1979, has earned many laurels with its legacy of 4 decades of excellence in the field of Engineering & Management studies. It has reached International Placements, Idea Lab by AICTE and VGST grants. The Institute has exclusive academic initiatives enabling students to experiment with innovative ideas and bring in the best talent required for engineering application. We believe that for learning to be effective, it needs to be delivered in a congenial environment that not only just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the best minds that receive it.

The college offers a world-class infrastructure that supports the pursuits of knowledge and the exercise of individual interests. Our disciplines mould the students to be leaders & game changers.

Contact Details

Phone No. (O) 0831-2440322 (R) 0831-2491899

Mobile: 9448155784

Email: principal.mss@kletech.ac.in