KLE Tech has emerged as a pivotal player in shaping the landscape of engineering education by providing students with ample opportunities to unlock their potential and equip themselves for successful professional careers.

This commitment is reflected in the meticulous design of industry-relevant curricula, the implementation of active, collaborative, and experiential learning pedagogies, as well as the development of comprehensive assessment and evaluation frameworks. The institution's noteworthy contributions in this domain have led to its recognition for pioneering innovations. In a concerted effort to not only learn from these innovations but also ensure their sustained impact, the Centre for Engineering Education Research (CEER) was established in 2010.


The primary objective of CEER is to actively promote innovations in engineering education, systematically gather insights from successful initiatives, compile best practices, and institutionalize these advancements to further enhance the overall educational experience at KLE Tech.

“Engineering Exploration” course is a unique innovation born in the educational ecosystem of KLE Tech. This first-year course is co-designed and team taught by faculty members from multiple engineering disciplines. It focuses on problem solving, engineering design, multi-disciplinary skills, ethics and sustainability.

It follows PBL pedagogy and students work in teams to solve identified problems. All projects designed by students in this course are Arduino based and are built using several electrical and electronic components. Students collaboratively solve identified problems to design mechatronic prototypes. The learning spaces are designed to promote teamwork and collaboration. Students ideate, design and build prototypes in a safe and friendly prototyping facility - “Tinkering Lab” which is equipped with necessary modern tools and equipment.


To promote innovation and research in Engineering Education to bring about qualitative change in students’ learning experience.


  • Empower faculty members with the best practices in curriculum design, teaching – learning and assessment through training, workshop and allied activities
  • Encouraging innovation in curriculum design, teaching – learning and assessment
  • Influence faculty mind-sets to recognise the importance of research driven instructional practices
  • Design and offer innovative courses and programs
  • Identify and build strategic global partnerships and collaborations to elevate our research capabilities and those of the wider engineering education community
  • Conduct outreach activities like workshops, trainings and conferences.

Objectives of Idea Lab

  • To transform technical education by empowering young minds with cutting -edge tools, processes and skills for Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • To establish a national network of AICTE-IDEA Labs promoting new-age learning
  • To provide a platform to experiment with ideas for qualitatives change in life of compatriots
  • To create a vibrant mentor network for enhancing capabilities of young minds.
  • To support and catalyze multidisciplinary education and research in technical education.