K. L. E. Society’s Engineering College Staff and Student Consumer Co – Operative Stores Limited Udyambag Belagavi was established in 1990 functioning under the Karnataka Co – Operative Societies Act.

A consumers' co-operative society is a voluntary association of persons and is registered under district co- operative department, a consumer cooperative store is a retail unit owned and controlled by consumers. Any consumer can join the consumer cooperative store by buying its shares. Each member has only one vote irrespective of his shareholding.

Members get dividends in proportion to their shares held in the cooperative store. Cooperative stores are run by the consumers themselves for their mutual benefits, the membership of these stores is open to all the students and staff.

This society has shareholders (students and staff), board of directors, chairman, vice - chairman and secretary. The purpose of consumer co-operatives store is to offer goods and services at the lowest cost to the students and staff.

Benefits Consumer Co – Operative Stores:

  • Consumers get goods of good quality.
  • Goods are sold without adulteration.
  • Goods are sold in correct measurement. Irregularities found in measurement of goods are avoided.
  • Middlemen are eliminated.
  • Prices are comparatively cheaper.
  • Regular supply of goods assured.
  • No credit is allowed. So, no fear of bad debts
  • Consumer cooperatives are located conveniently in residential areas; thus they are quite accessible.


Dr. S. F. Patil

Board of Directors

Dr. V. S. Malemath

Dr. C. V. Adake

Dr. A. S. Patil

Shri. Darshan V. Kallollimath

Dr. Rajashri Khanai

Dr. Nandini Naik

Shri. Girish B. Ganiger

Prof. Smitha Kamble


Dr. S. B. Angadi