The Government of Karnataka, Department of IT, BT and S&T has sanctioned NAIN centre to KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, based on the Infrastructure facilities available and other Research and Innovation activities conducted by the college.

The New Age Incubation Network Centre at KLE Dr. MSSCET, is established in October 2018. The centre shall focus on igniting the young minds and provide the necessary infrastructure and mentoring to take the concepts of the students from idea to POC stage and then give them the necessary guidance and provide the platform to become successful entrepreneurs.


Under the New Age Incubation Network, students are encouraged to identify local problems and address those using concepts of frugal innovation, and to develop appropriate technology-based solutions and working prototypes. KLE Dr. MSSCET NAIN centre shall provide mentors assigned to the students to help them to formulate a business model based on new technology and encourage them to think like entrepreneurs. The presence of start-ups and other industries like RFINITY SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, SKIL INTENTUS, ARTALLUR TECHNOLOGIES , STANDUS (OPC) PVT LTD and many more are helpful in moulding the innovative ideas of students at KLE Dr. MSSCET Campus.

An exclusive office space with 5 work stations, 24/7 internet connectivity and power has been set-up for NAIN. The projects which get shortlisted shall receive a funding of Rs.3 lakhs for the development of the POC.

For each of the project, there shall be a faculty from the concerned department and an industry expert to guide the students in developing the prototype and making the product commercially viable. This support is provided by the Government of Karnataka up to 3 years in the beginning and extendable for another 2 years based on performance, later the centre should function on its own.


Empowering and transforming student ideas and concepts to become successful business enterprises.


We continuously strive to encourage new innovative ideas from students and provide a strong platform, mentorship, infrastructure and transform innovative concepts to become successful products


  • The main objective of NAIN Scheme is to encourage students, research scholars and alumni to share their ideas to solve chosen problems which are locale centric and to validate, Refine and Nurture the ideas.
  • Incubation centre shall provide an ecosystem to convert the ideas in proof of concept and upgrade them to a level of commercial value.
  • After successful incubation, encourage and lead the teams towards setting up a Business enterprise.

Nain Initiatives

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring helps the incubators and students with innovative ideas in finding the right path. Mentors with experience of working in different companies take part in this initiative where they help the young entrepreneurs in growing their start-up.

  • Incubation

    The Incubation centre provides office space, infrastructure, resources, guidance on intellectual property rights, mentoring assistance and other resources to the start-ups.

  • Start-Up

    Start-up at KLE Dr. MSSCET focuses on the holistic approach of building a complete understanding about start-ups and entrepreneurship journey through various perspectives and connects all relevant and related resources and tools for further self-learning and to turn theory into action.