One of the objectives of the department was to support local manufacturing and logistic industries to automate their processes.

The department is actively supporting the activities of VRL Logistics Ltd. to automate their processes. The problems faced by the VRL Logistics are analyzed, designed, implemented and tested by the students in the guidance of experienced faculty members. The implemented automation systems are taken productive for their day-to-day operations by VRL Logistics.

Case Study – Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are widely used for transporting raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods in manufacturing and warehouses. Among many challenges, an enterprise has to address the cost of AGVs, and safety of workers and infrastructure during AGVs movement.

To address these issues, a project was initiated between Department of Automation & Robotics and VRL Logistics to automate the existing manually operated fork lift and build necessary safety mechanisms.

The project was executed as part of Capstone project. The students designed electronics and motor components that will fulfill the stated specification (e.g., weight to be lifted) and convert the manual fork lift to AGV. Suitable sensors were used to map the warehouse and shop floor, which assists to determine possible static routes. Also, these sensors are built into AGVs to determine any obstacle in real-time during its movement. A software tool was designed to define possible static route between picking and placing locations, but the AGV has the capabilities to dynamically adjust the route based on the real-time feedback of obstacles.