School of Advanced Studies – Physics

School of Advanced Studies – Physics has faculties working in the research areas namely Physics of Nano Semiconductors, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Materials Science, Spectroscopy of Materials, Photo-physics and Biophysics, Materials Science- Multiferroics and Glass Science and Technology.

S.No. Maths Research Groups 2020 2021
1 Physics of Nano Semiconductors 01 01
2 Nuclear and Particle Physics 01
3 Materials Science 01 01
4 Spectroscopy of Materials, Photophysics and Biophysics 03 03
5 Materials Science- Multiferroics 02 02
6 Materials Science – Glass Science and Technology 01 01
  Tota 8 9
Department of Physics
S.No. Research Area Supervisors
1 Spectroscopy of Materials, Photophysics, Materials science, Biophysics Dr. N. R. Patil
    Dr. V. V. Koppal
2 Semiconductor Heterostructures Dr. V. H. Choudapur
    Dr. R. M. Hodlur
3 Theoretical High Energy Physics Dr. S S Kubakaddi
4 Applied Physics Dr. Nagappa Badiger

PhD Scholars (Physics)

S.No. Name of the Ph.D. Schular Part-Time/Full Time Registration Number Batch
1 Ganesh Mahendra Full Time 01FS21RPH001 2021-22
2 Rekha Hebasur Full Time 01FS16RPH003  
3 Devi Arun Gole Full Time 01FS17RPH001 2017-18
4 Vinayak Bhat Part Time 01PS17RPH003  
5 Ravikumar Kolekar Part Time 01PS16RPH002 2016-17


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