Hiring Practice – KLE Technological University

“At KLE Technological University Manpower is Valued”

As said by Jim Collins “if you begin with “who,” rather than “what,” you can more easily adapt to a changing world. Get the right people on the bus, in the right seats, then we'll figure out how to take it to someplace great.

The Right People are those employees who share our Institution’s core values and help to support a culture based on those values. The Right Seat means That an Employee Is Operating Within Their Area of Greatest Skill and Passion Within an organization.


Each employee is hired to make significant contributions towards KLE Technological University.

Hiring for Faculty and Non Faculty positions at KLE Technological University follows the guidelines set by the “Service Rules” and the Board of Higher Education. For Faculty positions, it is expected that the pre requisite qualifications are in line with the AICTE norms. Along with Teaching Skills Candidates who have Research bent of mind and significant body of research with papers and journals published in national and international conferences in the relevant field are preferred.

KLE Tech TU also hires Industry experts, SMEs, Lead Practitioners with rich field experience to be part of our interdisciplinary courses; that are part of our curriculum.

We expect all our employees to have a keen interest in applying knowledge to interdisciplinary domains of education and work towards the development of the institution.

At KLE Technological University, Educational Merit, Cultural Ethos, Plurality And Integrity are the foundation of the hiring process and Excellence in Teaching, Research and Service are the key drivers of Career growth .

On receiving information about the vacant position, the hiring manager along with Human Resource design the recruitment strategy and the key stake holders are established.

Every candidate who applies to the University is screened for the corresponding skill set either thru a test or a set of interactive sessions with key stakeholders as the case may be.

Hiring Process at KLE Tech:

  • Hiring manager works with human resources on the timeline and recruitment strategy for a vacant position and Job is posted
  • Candidates are sourced and Top candidates are phone screened
  • First either in-person interviews or a technical exam is conducted with HR or the concerned department.
  • Most qualified candidates are identified and presented to the hiring manager.
  • Second and Third in-person interviews with hiring manager or with selection committee is conducted.
  • Top candidate's references and background checks are completed
  • Candidate is verbally offered and accepts the job.
  • Candidate is formally offered and accepts the job in writing.
  • Onboarding schedule set up for new hire.
  • Human resources ensures onboarding paperwork is completed, and new employee reports to the appropriate Department/School. 

Teaching at KLE Technological University


We are looking for academicians and industry practitioners who have a passion to teach, to join us as members of the faculty.

Members of our faculty are accomplished teachers, academicians, researchers, and agents of social transformation. They share the University’s mission of leveraging knowledge build the nation and improve the quality of life in the region.

In addition to having the qualifications as prescribed by the Board of Higher Education, the faculty also have a significant body of research work, have published papers in international peer-reviewed journals, written books and regularly contribute to magazines and newspapers., and a keen interest in applying this knowledge to the interdisciplinary domains of education and development.

Many of them also come with rich field experience in setting up and running companies, schools, working with NGOs etc. This wide spectrum allows us to offer several interdisciplinary courses as part of the curriculum. Apart from teaching they also are engaged in research projects and institutional reforms in their areas of work.

We expect and encourage every new faculty member to take these goals and values seriously and contribute fully to the University’s Mission.