The “Centre of Excellence in Energy and Environment (CEEE)” at KLE Tech aims to advance fundamental and applied science research for a sustainable future. Generating alternative energy solutions is a complex, global issue and needs multiple perspectives. KLE Tech’s core research expertise in science and engineering forms the foundation for the Centre of Excellence in Energy and Environment.

The research at CEEE focuses on critical global energy and environmental challenges to ensure a sustainable future and focuses on three research verticals

  • Pure hydrogen production via catalytic membrane technology in energy conversion through electrocatalytic and photocatalytic water-splitting
  • Integrated waste treatment and energy resource recovery with sustainable Bio-electrochemical systems (BES).
  • Supercapacitors
    • Synthesis and characterisation of 2D layered materials like graphene, TMDs, MXenes, transition metal oxides, graphic nitrides
    • Fabrication and analysis of supercapacitors, and generating lab-scale prototypes


coe@kletech.ac.in (Controller of Examinations)