The ‘MakerSpace’ is a central facility created to promote product development and realization eco-system on the campus. It intends to provide students with unique learning experiences on real industry problems and products in a work-emulating environment. It helps them understand industry needs, professional requirements and the product realization process. The MakerSpace provides modern design, prototyping, and manufacturing facilities required for realization of any electro- mechanical product. It also provides expert supervision and training to use the facilities.

The MakerSpace is administered by the College as a resource for all engineering departments. Facilities, with an investment of about 3.0 crores of rupees, occupying 10,000 square feet, include a machine shop (4000sq.ft), model shop (2000sq.ft) and project work area (4000sq.ft). Engineering student can use the MakerSpace for concept design & realization, course-related activity and/or competition projects such as SAE Formula, SAE- BAJA SAE- ecokart, SAE-Efficycle, ROBOCON, etc. The shop is open 8 am-8 pm weekdays and on weekends as needed.