KLE Tech believes that faculty and student research is the prime driver of educational excellence and has a powerful influence on improving human lives and environment quality. To emerge as a research-intensive University in the next decade, we intend to build a strong research culture that continues to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery.  All the Schools/departments and interdisciplinary centers drive cutting-edge research through academic programs, sponsored projects, and collaborations with industry and academic institutions of high repute.

Research opportunities in the University go beyond Doctoral programs, engaging undergraduate students in ‘institutional research projects’ and courses like ‘Undergraduate Research experience’. The Undergraduate students work with renowned faculty who are scholars and practitioners in emerging fields.

Led by intellectual curiosity and willingness to cross disciplinary boundaries, KLE Tech researchers create and apply knowledge across a broad range of disciplines and fields to bring about societal transformation. We invest in and support emerging and established research groups/ clusters consisting of networks of diverse researchers working to pursue common aims. We believe that collaborations and partnerships are essential for impactful research.

The Research Council is the statutory body that guides the University research strategies and initiatives and approves policies, guidelines, and budgets for the research activities. The research and development (R&D) cell headed by Dean (R&D) coordinates and manages the overall research activities of the University. The Research Policy of KLE Technological University provides policies and practices to support and enhance research activities and is in line with the statutes and regulations of the University.

The research activities of the University can be broadly classified as follows: