Mr. Shishir Patil

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Industrial Visits

  • I along with the students visited Crompton Greaves Goa by taking the information of products and different tests made on motors.
  • I actively visited Suzlon Company which is located at Kapatgudda and has started its wind power plant.
  • I collected the information of its different working parts and what problems are faced while transporting blades of the turbine.
  • I visited Hydro Power Plant at Ambika Nagar, which is located at Dandeli, by gaining information about the surge tank, reservoir, draft tube, tailrace, and some other vital roles of the power plant.
  • I along with the whole Department visited NGEF Dharwad and gained knowledge of DC Machines.
  • An industrial Visit to Supa Dam, Ganesh Gudi, along with fourth-semester students, to gain knowledge of elements of a hydroelectric power plant.
  • An Industrial Visit to Railway Workshop along with fourth and sixth semester students.

Workshops and Seminars Attended

  • I have attended zonal level workshop cum championship conducted by NRC India successfully made my students compete with IIT students.
  • I have attended seminar on “Vehicle HV Networks” given by Dr Manvi Sir, the Professor of Reva Engineering College conducted by E&C Dept of BVB on 16-11-2013.
  • I have attended seminar on "How to do research and what technology should be applied" given by Dr Uma M, the Professor of BVB Engineering College and Technology.
  • I have attended seminar on Crop Detector & Cotton Picker given by Dr Sripathy & Ravi Gutal conducted by E&C Dept at BVB Engineering College & Technology on 15-02-2014.
  • I have attended Project Expo conducted by BVB Engineering College and Technology on 28-07-2014, which had a pool of projects like Pace Maker, Noise Detection System, Wi-Fi LEDs to transmit data fastly, Combining Solar Energy and Wind Energy to produce Electricity, Automatic Water Valve System, Detect Water Content in Soil.
  • I attended faculty development program conducted by Oxford College. How to improve teaching skills, a seminar given by Dr S Pataguondi on 16-6-2017.
  • I attended Workshop from 1-01-2019 to 06-01-2019 for a period of six days on ELECTRIC VEHICLES conducted at KLEDRMSSCET, Belagavi.
  • I have attended Workshop from 20-12-18 to 21-12-2018 for a period of two days on VIDEO TUTORIAL MAKING conducted at KLEDRMSSCET, Belagavi.
  • I have attended Workshop from 15-06-2019 to 18-06-2018 for a period of four days on Industrial Microwave Heating conducted at KLEDRMSSCET, Belagavi.
  • I have attended Workshop from 4-11-2019 to 9-11-2019 for a period of five days on SOLAR PV ROOFTOP at KLEDRMSSCET, Belagavi.
  • I have attended Workshop from 10-06-2019 to 14-06-2019 for a period of five days on Artificial Intelligence Applications and MiPower Simulations conducted at KLE Tech University, Hubballi.

Courseras Attended

  • I have completed the course on "Electric Power Systems" under the mentor Ilya Gringerg, Engineering Technology, Buffalo State College during 30-06-20.
  • I have completed the course on Introduction to IoT and Embedded Systems under the mentor Lan Harris, University of California, Irvine.
  • I have completed the course on Inspiring and Motivating Individuals under the mentor John Doe, University of Michigan.
  • I have completed the course on Solar Energy Systems Overview under the mentor Gay Canough, The State University of New York.

                                            Shishir Patil
  • Specialization / Area of Interest

     Embedded System, Control system, Electric Vehicles

  • Experience

    9 years

  • Date of Joining

    01 Aug 2018