Shri. Gambhir Halse

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Brief Profile

Mr. Ghambir Halse, is Associate Professor specializing in Computer Science and Engineering, boasting an extensive teaching career spanning 27 years. His primary area of expertise revolves around Data Mining and Data Warehousing. He has successfully completed 12 courses in Data Mining and Data Science via NPTEL and Coursera, alongside active participation in 22 Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) dedicated to Data Mining and related domains. His research contributions include the publication of eight papers in both national and international journals. Additionally, he has a wealth of experience in departmental administration and have played a crucial role in preparing for National Board of Accreditation (NBA) assessments.

                                            Gambhir Halse
  • Specialization / Area of Interest

    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Experience

    26 years

  • Date of Joining

    25 Feb 2008