Chemical engineering is the analysis or design of chemical processes to convert materials effectively into more useful materials or into energy.

Broad-reaching field that enables the development of products and processes that improve the well-being of humanity and touch every aspect of our lives. The undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering builds on the foundation of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering principles.


It i Further, the program expands student expertise in material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy and mass transfer, separations technologies, chemical reaction kinetics, reactor design, and process design. The program prepares the students not only for the tradional careers in the chemical, energy, and oil industries, but also for emerging career opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic device fabrication, and environmental engineering industries.

Course Curriculum
Course Category Civil Engineering Program Credits AICTE Guideline Credits
Humanities and Social Sciences 07 9-18
Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) 26 26-35
Engineering Sciences 32 26-35
Professional Core Courses + SS 65 52-70
Professional Elective Courses 18 18-26
Open Electives 06 09-18
Mini/ Minor project 09 18-26
Project and Seminar 14 18-26
Course - Semester III (Credits - 25)
Statistics & Integral Transforms
Building Technology & Services
Mechanics of Fluids
Mechanics of Materials
Engineering Geology
Survey Practice – I
Building Engineering Drawing
Engineering Geology Lab
Course - Semester IV (Credits - 24)
Numerical Methods & Partial Differential Equations
Structural Analysis-I
Environmental Engineering
Concrete Technology
Construction Project Management
Hydrology & Irrigation Structures
Survey Practice – II
Material Testing Lab
Course - Semester V (Credits - 21)
Structural Analysis-II
Geotechnical Engineering
Design of RCC Structures
Transportation Engineering
Advanced Project Management
Highway Laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Mini Project
Construction Simulation Practice
Course - Semester VI (Credits - 20)
Optional Program Elective 1
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
Estimation and Costing
Humanities Courses
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Computer Aided Design Laboratory
Construction Engineering & Management Lab
Minor Project
Course - Semester VII (Credits - 20)
Design of Steel Structures
Optional Program Elective 2
Optional Program Elective 3
Optional Program Elective 4
Optional Program Elective 5
Open Elective 1
Design Studio – Steel and RC Structures
Course - Semester VIII
Optional Program Elective 6
Open Elective 2
Capstone Project
Industry Internship